Unusual and Hard-to-Find Plants Rarely Offered for Sale


Unusual and Hard-to-Find Plants Rarely Offered for Sale

We offer a variety of unusual plantsfor sale here at our farm. Most are self-propagated and hard to find on the market.

We only sell plants to be picked up here, no shipping.

Please contact Wayne directly for more information.



Adonis amurense opens its flowers in late winter with the first touch of warm sun, often blooming as early as late February or early March in my garden. Lacy, fern-like foliage follows bloom. Develops into spreading foot-wide and larger clumps whose above ground foliage "disappears" as it goes dormant in early summer.

​Bare-root divisions available in summer and fall when plants are dormant. Please inquire.

Some examples of hybrid witch-hazel cultivars in bloom February and March in Hopkinton.  




Ashe Magnolia (M. macrophylla ashei)

A smaller-scale version is the Ashe Magnolia (M. macrophylla ashei), is a smaller-scale subspecies of bigleaf magnolia. A precocious multi-stem tree, it offers similarly-sized foliage and grows to about 20 ft. Huge flowers a week or two earlier than the species, it flowers at a very young age. An added bonus is its October display of fist-size, rounded, cone-like fruits that open to reveal rose-salmon-colored seeds.

Please inquire about availability.

Magnolia macrophylla ashei 12" bloom, June 

Obovate peony (Paeonia obovata)

Obovate peony (Paeonia obovata)

Obovate peony (Paeonia obovata) is an herbaceous species native to Asia, rarely ofered for sale. Here in Hopkinton it blooms for a week or more in late May with large, showy, yellow-centered single-pink flowers. Deeply-divided grey-green foliage is attractive and pest free all summer. Green claw-like seed pods split open in October to reveal shiny black seeds on red stalks, adding another season of appeal. 

Bare-root divisions available in autumn after frost. Please inquire.

Paeonia obovata in flower late May. 

 Paeonia obovata seed pods, October. 

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