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Sturdy Used High-Tunnel Hoops

Only $19.50 each, $18.00 for 50+
Dozens still available
Call Wayne Mezitt  508-962-1857

Each hoop is custom-bent from a 21 ft. long
 Schedule 40 (3/4” I.D.) galvanized pipe to a half circle
measuring 14 ft. wide and 7 ft. high, weighing about 25 lbs.
Sold as hoops only

cover with whatever is appropriate for your needs:
 polyethylene, shade cloth, tarp, shrink wrap or other materials. 

 A fine economical solution for a wide range of applications: 


  • protect growing crops from weather extremes;
  • provide a sheltered space for animals;
  • cover equipment, vehicles, items that need to be kept dry;
  • store bagged materials, soil, mulch, compost, and other bulk products out of the weather;
  • temporary workspace to provide protection from wind and precipitation.

 We’ve used these hoops for decades at our nursery 

at 3 ft. spacing to grow and protect container-crops, 

but we now have more than we need. 

Insert them into landscape timbers 

(as we’ve done, because of our rocky soils) 

or set onto posts driven into the ground
using whatever spacing you need. 

Simple, inexpensive and quick to set up. 

Bring a trailer, van or large truck and tie-downs to transport them – they’re awkward!


Call Wayne at 508-962-1857, or email: WayneM@WestonNurseries.com